Press Conference

Senator Waqar Ahmed khan had a press conference at Gulzar House in Dera Ismail Khan on 29 October 2017. He discussed about the upcoming elections strategy. He declared that he will appear as an independent candidate from constituency NA 24 (Dera Ismail Khan).

Media Coverage

On 29 October 2017 in press conference at Gulzar House in Dera Islmail Khan, he talked about philanthropy that is the aim of his life and briefly explained about on going projects of Gulzar Foundation & WAK Health Care for the people of Pakistan.He said, Gulzar Foundation is playing vital role in meeting the basic needs of people.  Health Care projects are providing free dialysis machines to District Hospital in Dera Ismail Khan. He said, he is going to launch Falcon oil refinery with budget of 4 Billion Rupees and it will be very beneficial for the people of Dera Ismail Khan as it gives jobs to unemployed youngsters of Dera Ismail Khan. Not merely that, it will also provide jobs and develop Power House of 100 Mega Watt electicity and daily 7o Mega Watt electricity will be supplied to people of Dera Ismail Khan with out any surcharge.