About Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan


He is son of Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan, an eminent political personality of Pakistan. The Senior Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan held key Federal Ministries in the Government of Pakistan and remained special assistant for provincial coordination to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.


Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan got married in 1994 and is blessed with a daughter and two sons. He has a firm belief in strong family values.

Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan
(Chairman WAKGROUP)

Senator Waqar has a wide ranging experience and expertise on issues that are vital for Pakistan’s future, and, indeed that of the region. These include FATA and its political and economic challenges, as well as Energy and its different dimensions. Energy today drives regional economic cooperation, with Pakistan as the pivotal player.

With visionary initiatives of Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan, WAKGROUP is playing its role to serve the people of Pakistan, transcending all barriers of color, class and creed.


Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan went to the prestigious Aitchison College for his initial studies where he remained the college captain of the athletic team for 3 years and won the many laurels for his institution at the inter college, provincial as well as national level competitions.
Later, he proceeded to University of Miami from where he attained advance studies in Business Administration and Comparative Economic Systems, with specialization in business management organization.


Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan, has an array of experience and expertise on issues that are vital for Pakistan’s future in Public as well as Social Sector. He has always innovatively worked at the forefront as Chairman WAKGROUP with his team and has proven to be a central Player for both the sectors.

Moving forward with the legacy of his father, Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan who started this long journey to success in late 1950’s, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan is refining and redefining the corporate culture of Pakistan by setting unprecedented standards of excellence in service, delivery and consumer satisfaction in shape of WAKGROUP. Today WAKGROUP is in an expansion process which includes the visionary initiatives.